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Performance Superiority

There have been many instances in the last few years when users of Nok-Out have asked why it is that the product performs so much better than other commercially available materials that on the surface appear to be similar.

The answer to this question lies in the technology designed into the formulation and the continuous development that has been undertaken throughout the product lifetime. Although it is well known that solutions of chlorine dioxide are very effective odor eliminators and disinfectants, it certainly cannot be assumed that if two different products contain even the same level of this key ingredient, that they will perform in an equal manner. Nok-Out is more than simply a solution of chlorine dioxode; it is better viewed as an "odor elimination and disinfectant system" with the following features:

  • The chlorine dioxide (2,000 PPM total available) is stabilized to ensure 95% retention of activity after a shelf life of one year, but at the same time the stabilization is controlled so as to allow a rapid equilibrium between the "stabilized" and "free" chlorine dioxide. This means that the total 2,000 PPM is available almost instantly if needed to destroy a massive odor and disinfect the site.

  • The formulation of Nok-Out includes components designed to readily emulsify common oily or greasy substances so that it can eliminate odors that both emanate from such materials, and destroy odors where the odors source has itself been coated with oily materials.

  • The formulation of Nok-Out also includes components that dramatically increase the ability of the active solution to spread on and to penetrate both hard and porous surfaces, especially when compared to the spreadability and penetrating capability of typical aqueous solutions. This feature is responsible for the great effectiveness of Nok-Out in disinfecting and controlling odors emanating from a wide variety of institutions, in homes, offices or in fragile environments.

  • Nok-Out is very effective in destroying airborne odors because it is formulated with a novel component that greatly increases ease of atomization and reduces droplet size from pump and trigger sprays. Obviously, the finer the mist that is produced under these circumstances, the more effective the physical contact with the bacteria molecues, and the more effective the odor elimination and disinfection. The same atomization aid has proven very effective in aerosol versions of Nok-Out that have been prepared.

  • Nok-Out is under continuing assessment for bacteria and viruses that cause problems wherever people and animals are gathered. Specialized labs, as well as the Department of Environmental Protection, have established the effectiveness of Nok-Out as a broad spectrum disinfectant that is proving useful and necessary as new pathogen threats emerge in our society.