Canine Parvovirus/Influenza

Posted by Alice on 1/2/2016
Canine Parvovirus/Influenza

Have you had your influenza/flu shot? It might protect you from getting the "bug",

but what about your canine friends?

Canine influenza/Dog flu is caused by varieties of Influenza A strains that are infecting canines. One of which is equine influenza (H3N8). Identified an an "enveloped" influenza virus.

Our canine companions have no natural immunity to this virus due to lack of previous exposure. Therefore, significant infections in dogs are being reported. 

We are confident that SNiPER hospital grade disinfectant will be effective in the disinfection of surfaces for this virus due to the successful test against other "enveloped" influenza A viruses such as H1N1 (swine flu) virus and the Avian Influenza A virus strain.

Further evidence of SNiPER's effectiveness toward these types of infections is SNiPER's success on Parvo virus H3N2 strain, identified as a "non-enveloped" influenza virus which is much harder to kill than the "enveloped" virus such as canine/equine influenza (H3N8).

"Enveloped" virus is generally easier to kill than "non-enveloped" viruses.

Since SNiPER has the kill claim on *ParvoVirus it is very likely that SNiPER will also kill the H3N2 virus. (*Information supplied upon request.)

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