Amazing Concepts LLC

In 1995, Larry Kaiser and two partners formed a company called Amazing Concepts LLC. They were then introduced to the gentleman that is responsible for putting together the formula for Nok-Out. By the end of the year, Amazing Concepts LLC was setting up distribution in the United States, and they were in about six different states selling their product.

That year, we trained new distributors in the business, and at the end of the year, we broke even. Our big break came when a newspaper writer purchased the product. He decided to do a newspaper article about the product for one of the distributors. Not only did it help the distributor, it also went across the country and helped get a number of new distributors.

Amazing Concepts LLC has continued to grow each year. In 2003, we presented our formula to the EPA. After hours of testing, we got EPA registration for the product as a "Broad Spectrum Disinfectant." In the year 2006, we started to look at going international, and we are now selling to many people worldwide. We intend to continue with the growth of our product through the free world with new studies and research.

Chemist: Dr. Brian W. Taylor

Dr. Taylor is a successful, nationally known technical/business executive with 25 years experience relating petroleum processing, fuels, lubricants, fuel and lubricant additives, specialty chemicals and automobile pollution issues.

Almost 22 of those years were spent working with Gulf Oil Corp. and then with Chevron Subsequent to the 1984 merger between the two companies. A measure of Dr. Taylor's stature within the industry, and his technical knowledge is reflected by the positions he held within these respected oil giants:

  • 1985-1990 Vice President of Chevron Research Company
  • 1982-1985 Vice President of Gulf Research & Development Company
  • 1979-1982 Vice President of Gulf Science & Technology Company

The Oronite Additives Division of Chevron Chemical Company is not only the largest and most successful worldwide marketer of gasoline deposit control additives, but also the recognized technological leader. Since this was one of the technical areas for which he was responsible, Dr. Taylor has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in fuel additives.

Company responsibilities aside, Dr. Taylor has been professionally active at both the local and national levels. These activities are:

  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Coordination Research Council from 1986-1990
  • Gulf/Chevron representative to the Industrial Research Institute from 1982-1990
  • Member of the University of California-San Diego Chemistry Dept. Industrial advisory Board from 1986-1990
  • Member of the University of Pittsburgh School of Engineering Industrial Advisory Board from 1983-1985
  • Member of the American Chemical Society and society of Automotive Engineers

Dr. Taylor earned a B.S. degree with 1st Class Honors in Chemistry and a PH.D, both in Great Britain, and has authored more than 25 technical papers, presentations, and U.S. patents.

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Global Environment Restoration

Established in 2002, Global Environmental Restoration, Inc. took the revolutionary pet odor elimination chemical called Nok-Out® and established a goal to introduce it for other commercial uses. In 2005, their chemists improved on the chlorine dioxide formula, introducing the new hospital grade disinfectant, SNiPER. Oil companies began using SNiPER in their living quarters at their offshore drilling field locations for removal of bacteria, viruses, and mold.

GER continued to push the product into other industries for disinfectant applications including using it in the Hurricane Katrina clean up. GER is now distributing Nok-Out® and SNiPER® throughout the United States and in global markets such as Israel and Turkey.

The Nok-Out® and SNiPER® formulas are some of the earliest stabilized Chlorine Dioxide compounds on the odor elimination/disinfectant market. These C1O2 formulas will effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold, and VOC's keeping the original surfaces and finishes unharmed. They are also some of the very few formulas that are not toxic to the environment as well as people and animals. You will not find a stronger more environmentally friendly and more versatile product than Nok-Out® and SNiPER®.