NOK OUT Cleaner/Odor Elimination System is effective for use in:

Cars, Trucks, Vans and Other Automobiles:

Spray Nok-Out on upholstery, headliners, and in trunks; circulate Nok-Out throughout your vehicles ventilation system; eliminating odors such as cigarette smoke, pet odors, and detailing chemicals. Use Nok-Out Carpet Shampoo & Upholstery Cleaner to refresh your upholstery and give a brand-new look to your vehicle.

Child Care Facilities:

Nok-Out is great for nurseries, and child-care facilities. See Church Nursery for useful applications.


Disinfect your drinking fountains, bathrooms, and kitchens with Nok-Out. When the cold and flu season strikes, spray Nok-Out in your sanctuary (see Heating and Air Conditioning Uses); eliminate those germs before they get a chance to spread.

Church Nurseries:

Spray Nok-Out on your changing tables, diaper pails, toys, highchairs, potty chairs, baby swings, cribs, and crib mattresses. Moreover, disinfect your nurserys bathroom by spraying Nok-Out on the toilet seat, handle, lid, rim, and around the base where germs and odors lurk; let sit 10 minutes and wipe off excess using a damp paper towel. After church, spray Nok-Out in the nurseries, eliminating the air-born germs that can cause illness. Use Nok-Outs Carpet Cleaning formula to remove the stains, destroying the germs and odors in your nurserys carpet caused from urine, diarrhea, and vomit. After an accident spray the area and brush it in. You will be Amazed! at the difference. Completely safe and non-toxic (See MSDS for additional information.)

Elderly Care and Sickrooms:

Spray the Amazing! Nok-Out Broad Spectrum Disinfectant on wheel chairs, prosthetic devices, ostomy bags, bed rails, garbage pails, and plastic bed covers; killing the germs that cause the odors. Spray Nok-Out on bedsores, killing germs to aid in healing. Spray Nok-Out in the air to eliminate the noxious odors and air-borne germs that are so prevalent in sickrooms. Use Nok-Out Carpet shampoo to remove stains, germs, and odors caused by sick room accidents. Nok-Out BSD is laboratory proven to kill MRSA, C-difficile, H1N1 Virus, and a host of other bacteria and viruses. (See our Technical Page for certification.)

Heating and Air Conditioning:

Use Nok-Out in air duct and air-handling systems: spray filters and vents; add to cooling towers. Nok-Out is laboratory-proven to kill Legionnaires Disease a bacterium spread through the buildings ventilation and water handling systems.

Hospitals, Nursing Homes:

You can use Nok-Out in your hospital and nursing home. See Elderly Care and Sickrooms for more information.


Using Nok-Out's Broad Spectrum Disinfectant throughout your home will simplify your life, save you money, and secure your peace of mind. No longer will you need to use a host of household products marketed to eliminate odors, such as air fresheners (that only serve to cover the odor, not eliminate the source), sanitize, and deodorize kitchen and bathroom areas and surfaces, destroy mold and mildew; remove stains, germs, and odors from carpets. Nok-Outs Broad Spectrum Odor Elimination System Product line will help to eliminate some confusion from your life! Use Nok-Out on your laundry to disinfect colored clothes, spray the inside of your shoes and boots to destroy the fungus that cause athletes foot, and associated odors. Spray your childrens athletic equipment, killing germs such as MRSA, and eliminating odors. Where germs and odors are a problem, Nok-Out is the sustainable answer!

Hunting and Fishing:

Spray Nok-Out on yourself and your hunting gear before a hunt... Nok-Out eliminates the human odor; your prey will not fear what they cannot smell.

Detention Centers:

Spray Nok-Out Broad Spectrum Disinfectant on garbage cans, beds, rails, cell bars, toilets, sinks and shower facilities; killing the germs that cause the odors. Disinfect the kitchen and food prep areas, as well. Spray Nok-Out in the air to destroy air-borne bacteria and viruses, thus helping to eliminate the noxious odors that are so prevalent in these facilities. Nok-Out BSD is laboratory proven to kill MRSA, C-difficile, H1N1 Virus, and a host of other germs. (See our Technical Page for certifications.)

Janitorial Services:

Nok-Out is a great solution for janitors and custodians. Utilizing Nok-Out's Broad Spectrum Disinfectant and Odor Elimination System products assures you, your company, and your customers the best and most effective treatment against germs and odor that the 21st Century has to offer. Use as a stand-alone cleaning solution or add to your *existing solution to clean walls, floors, bathrooms, and anywhere else. Be sure and use Nok-Outs Carpet Shampoo for carpet cleaning, spot, and stain removal, and general carpet maintenance. Where germs and odors are a problem, Nok-Out is the sustainable answer! (See general uses for all listed types of facilities.)

*Not compatible with acid-based cleaners, see MSDS for details.


Stretch your kitty-litter dollar by treating the litter with Nok-Out. Remove the organic matter, and spray. Nok-Out keeps your kittys bathroom area smelling fresh! In between shampoos with Nok-Outs Pet Shampoo formula, spray your dog with Nok-Out, rubbing it into their fur, keeping them smelling fresh and clean. Make sure that you use Nok-Out Carpet Shampoo Spot and Stain remover for all those annoying little problems that come with having pets! (Completely safe and non-toxic see Nok-Outs MSDS).

Property Management Custodial Services (for Motels, Hotels, Apartments):

Spray Nok-Out on upholstery, drapes and in the air to make whatever room you are renting out smell like brand-new! Nok-Out takes the cigarette smell out of your room to make it smell cleaner than ever before! Need to shampoo your carpet and upholstery? Nok-Out Carpet Shampoo is the answer. See Janitorial Services for additional suggested uses.

Recreational Vehicles:

For use in holding tanks to eliminate odors caused from germs. Filter through the ventilation system for general odor elimination, helping to remove the musty, mildew odors from closed areas, especially in bathrooms where odors and germs are lurking! Use Nok-Out Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo to give your RV a better-than-new smell! Just spray Nok-Out Carpet Shampoo on your upholstery and brush! It cleans right before your eyes!

Schools, Colleges, Athletic Programs:

When sickness spreads through your school or college, Nok-Out is the answer. Spray the air to eliminate the air-borne germs, spray surfaces to keep the germs from being spread by hand contact. Nok-Out is the answer for all your cleaning and odor elimination needs. Use in the locker room to disinfect the area, equipment and shower facilities. Use Nok-Out Carpet Shampoo to remove germs, stains, and odors. Nok-Out is the 21st Centurys answer to all your disinfecting and odor elimination needs. See Janitorial, Heating & Air Conditioning, and Household Uses for additional suggestions.

Veterinary Clinics, Kennels, and Grooming Facilities:

Nok-Out is safe for all surfaces. Spray the waiting room and examination areas with Nok-Out Broad Spectrum Disinfectant to keep germs from spreading. Use on pet carriers, cages, grooming tables, and any area that germs and odors may lurk. Nok-Out removes skunk odor from the pet as well as the exposed surface area. See Nok-Outs Pet Shampoo uses for the best in coat and grooming care. (Completely safe and non-toxic see Nok-Outs MSDS).

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